Access & Training Policies

Co-Works offers non-credit training across several making disciplines. Taught by skilled Graduate Instructors, training is free and prepares students to pass the authorization tests that grant equipment and reservation privileges.

Training is open to students, staff, and faculty from all departments, but space is limited. Check early and often; sign-ups open throughout the semester about a week prior to the start date.

Please note that Co-Works is is not a service provider or all-campus shop. Our first responsibility is to official Co-Works courses and programs and we do not yet have the resources to support outside class needs. We gladly volunteer remaining capacity on a first come first served basis through non-credit training, however, space is limited and contingent on our own course needs being met. We cannot accommodate jobs on demand, untrained walk-ins, or outside deadlines and recommend not planning on equipment access before being authorized.

All community members must follow these policies to have access:

Training Policies

• Training sign-up is in person at Co-Works only.
• Training sessions are offered in Fall & Spring semesters starting third week.
• Training sign-ups open about a week prior to the start date.
• Training no-show without prior notice risks loss of access and privileges.
See “Access Process” section below for more details

Test Policies

• You must have a passed test on file for access to each type of equipment.
• Co-Works training is not required if you have training from elsewhere, however, you still must be able to pass the test, including questions on Co-Works policies.
• Tests are taken on a walk-in basis or as part of a Co-Works course.
• A new test is required for access each academic year.
• Tests are open note but must be taken independently w/o internet access.
• Tests results are typically posted in about 3 business days.
See Access Process section below for more details.

Equipment Reservation & Use Policies

• You must have a passed test on file to use equipment.
• You must arrive within 10 min of the start time to keep a reservation.
• Reservations are not guaranteed if you arrive without prepared files and materials.
• You may not make reservations on behalf of others.
• You must check-in with the person on duty before using equipment.
• You must adhere to proper use and safety rules as covered in training.
• You must clean up after yourself.
• You must check-out with the person on duty after using equipment.
• Some equipment use requires payment at check out.

General Use & Safety Policies

• A Co-Works general safety and policy orientation is required.
• Food or drink is not allowed at any equipment workstations.
• Proper use of safety gear is required.
• All aerosols and fumes must be contained using the spray booth.
• Cutting blades, needles, etc must be properly disposed of in sharps canisters.
• Messy work must be done at the designated grey-top workstations.
• Everybody is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Actions That Will Result In Loss Of Privileges

• Improper or unauthorized use of equipment or resources
• Unsupervised use of Co-Works equipment or resources
• Disregard of safety rules and general policies
• Failure to clean up after yourself or return tools after use
• Reservation and training no-shows without notice
• Enabling unauthorized individuals to access Co-Works resources
• Language or behavior that undermine our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Access Process

1. Attend An Orientation

• Orientations are given to Co-Works courses at the start of semesters.
• Outside faculty are encouraged to schedule class orientations as well.

2. Train On Equipment

• Sign-up in person at Co-Works only.
• Sign-up slots opens about a week prior to start dates.
• Some training requires a multiple week commitment.

3. Pass Annual Test

• Passing a test for each piece of equipment grants access.
• Grading or regrading takes 3 business days.
• A new test is required each academic year.
• Tests are open note but must be taken independently w/o internet access.

Check your test results here:
Authorized: passed test, can use and reserve equipment
Review: need to correct missed questions to pass
Retrain: retraining required

4. Make A Reservation

• Authorized users may reserve equipment online up to 1 week in advance.
• Co-Works courses may reserve equipment 2 weeks in advance in person.
• Authorized walk-ins are welcome when equipment is available.

5. Always Check-In, Clean & Check-Out

• Check in with a person on duty within 10 min of start time.
• Come with files and materials prepared.
• You must check-in on WebCheckout before using equipment.
• You must clean up after yourself and return tools.
• You must check-out on WebCheckout when done.
• Pay when you check out.

6. Make Payment If Required

• Some processes include fees for materials or time.
• Students, staff, and faculty are charged the same.
* Payment is via RISD Bucks only.
• Brown students require a guest card from the RISD Store.


Training & Reservation Links

Weekly Schedule
Training Sign-Up
Training Test Results
WebCheckout Reservation

1. Log in with RISD credentials
2. Reserve 1 week ahead max
3. Co-Works courses may reserve 2 weeks ahead by requesting in person

Training Sessions
(varies by semester)

• Laser Cutting Intro
• UV Printing Intro
• Vacuum Forming Intro
• Sewing 1: Juki Sewing Intro
• Sewing 2: Walking Foot, Serger, ActiveSeam
• Digital Embroidery Intro
• CNC Milling Intro: Roland MDX-40A
• 3D Printing Intro: Stratasys + FormLabs
• Ceramic 3D Printing Intro: Delta
• Documentation Booth
• Pen & Knife Plotting Intro
• Vinyl Cutting Intro
• Electronics: Soldering Intro
• Electronics: Physical Computing Basics
• Virtual Reality Intro
• Machine Learning Intro
• Mould Making & Casting Intro

Other Resources

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