Co-Works Team


Program Manager • David Kim • (401) 709-8645

Having worked as a biochemical research scientist from 2002-08, David returned to school for a degree in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts at UCSD and the Digital Media MFA at RISD. He works as a biomedical design consultant, has been the educational director of an art and architecture NGO, the director of digital stage effects for a contemporary dance company, a high school math and science instructor, and has designed and taught interdisciplinary art + science curricula at UCSD, SVA, Brown, and RISD.

In his art practice, David cultivates biological and digital systems as vehicles for personal catharsis and intersectional discourse. A member of the international art collective Biome Arts, his work and collaborations have been featured in Wired, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and Art in America.

Starting in 2014, David has developed Co-Works from the ground up. Born in 1979, he remains undecided on whether looking young for his age is a curse or blessing.


Assistant Manager • Brynn Trusewicz

Brynn received their Masters in Industrial Design at RISD, after completing degrees in Sculpture and Mathematics at SUNY Purchase. They are also a consummate maker, particularly in digital fabrication, textiles, and metalwork.

Through writings, social interactions, and adornment, Brynn's work explores the tensions between identity and appearance, especially as it relates to queer identities and the bodies that carry them. They instruct courses at RISD in digital embroidery and ornamentation as it relates to intersectional identity politics.

At Co-Works, Brynn designs teaching resources and leads the training of grad assistants and monitors. When they're not instructing, you can find Brynn in the beyond section of Bed Bath & Beyond, snacking on the samples and chatting with the moms.



Ned Draper
Director, Academic Budgets & Resources


Timothy Sandiford
Division Assistant


Pradeep Sharma
RISD Provost

Graduate Instructors


Eli Backer 

Glass 2019

Dove Drury Hornbuckle The Green Gallery Self Portrait 1 copy.jpg

Dove Drury

Ceramics 2018


Ipek Kosova

Glass 2018

Sushant .jpg

Sushant Shivaram

Industrial Design 2019


Megan Valanidas

Industrial Design 2018


Amily He

Industrial Design 2018


Winslow Funaki

Furniture 2020


Erick Medel

Photography 2018


Austin Bamford  

Landscape Arch 2018


Angela Torchio

Graphic Design 2019


Nicholas Oh

Ceramics 2018


Lauren Traugott-Campbell

Graphic Design 2018


Biniam Kebede

Industrial Design 2018


Jeremy Bass 

Industrial Design 2018


Molly Palecek

Jewelry & Metal 2018

gavin f17.jpg

Gavin Zeitz

Landscape Arch 2018


Tatiana Gómez Gaggero

Graphic Design 2018

Undergraduate Peer Tutors


Felix Beaudry  

Textiles 2018


Vuthy Lay

Architecture 2019


Raina Wellman

Graphic Design 2019

bruce ren.JPG

Bruce Ren

Textiles / Comparative Lit 2018


Sonya Fayzieva  

FAV 2018


Brian Oakes

Sculpture 2018


Abdullah Moussa de Polignac

Interior Arch 2020


Max Hertz

Sculpture 2019

Jonathan Ng.JPG

Jonathan Ng

Furniture 2019


Minsoo Thigpen

Painting/Applied Math 2018

Work At Co-Works

Co-Works employs over twenty Grad Instructors and Undergraduate Peer Tutors per academic year. Although openings for the 2017-18 academic year have already been filled, students are encouraged to submit applications now to be considered for positions that may open in Spring 2018. Applications will also be saved for opportunities in Summer 2018 and the 2018-19 academic year.

Applicant Profile

A strong candidate is eager to engage with a cross-departmental community, is a proactive self-starter, and has excellent interpersonal skills. Experience in any of the following areas is also helpful:

  • 3D modeling (Rhino, SolidWorks)
  • Adobe Suite (particularly Illustrator)
  • 3D printing and CNC processes
  • Laser cutting, model making
  • Vacuum forming, mould making/casting
  • Machine sewing and apparel construction
  • Machine embroidery and knitting
  • Digital printing and UV printing
  • Electronics, physical computing, and programming
  • Virtual and augmented reality technologies
  • Traditional fine arts, woodworking, and craft techniques

However, technical expertise in all/most areas is not required. A strong candidate is foremost able to demonstrate exceptional communication skills and ability to engage with makers from many disciplines, cultures, and perspectives.

Undergraduate Peer Tutor

Primary responsibilities include helping students learn new making skills and software proficiencies, troubleshoot technical challenges, and share making knowledge across disciplines. Other duties include supervising use of Co-Works equipment, ensuring proper usage and adherence to safety protocols, assisting in classes and projects, serving as a cross-departmental liaison, general maintenance and clean-up, and assisting the Program Manager and Assistant Manager as needed.

Graduate Instructor

In addition to what is expected of Peer Tutors, Graduate Instructors have a pedagogical and/or research responsibility. Graduate Instructors have the opportunity to create training sessions, courses, innovate equipment applications and cross-overs, and develop new resources and workflows for Co-Works. Research and teaching projects are individually designed in response to current needs and the strengths/trajectories of each individual. Successful projects have often led to additional academic and professional opportunities.


Application Process

Co-Works Application
• 2018-19 Deadline: Dec 1, 2017
• Interviews start in early 2018