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Winter 2018-19 Courses

From Memory
Eli Backer & Nasser Alzayani

Queer Sculptural Phototopias
Shterna Goldbloom & Isabel Mattia

(re)Designing Self-Care
Adam Chuong & Rebecca Erde

Fall 2018-19 Courses

Making Meaning
Rachel Berwick & Tara Nummedal

Apparel Design Studio & Identity Construction
Gwen van den Eijnde & Brynn Trusewicz

3D Illustration
Jean Blackburn

Programming Workshop
Chris Novello

Spring 2017-18 Courses

Biomimicry & Puppetry
Erik Sanko & Ed Brown

Intro To Digital Making
Greg Nemes & Bayne Peterson

Digital Print 
Angela Torchio

Computer Utopias
Chris Novello

Digital Sense
Joy Ko & Evelyn Eastmond

Experiments in Optics
Jocelyne Prince

Nano Meso Micro Macro
Research Group

Peter Yeadon

Winter 2017-18 Courses

Luminous Structures
Corwyn Lund & Ipek Kosova

Molly Palacek & Eli Backer

Sustainable Futures
Megan Valanidas & Yu-Hsing Wu

Nothing But Flowers
Austin Bamford & Gavin Zeitz

Hot Printing
Tatiana Gómez Gaggero & Angela Lorenzo

Fall 2017-18 Courses

Programming Workshop
Chris Novello

3D Illustration
Jean Blackburn

Sculptural Fabric Structures
Christina Gast

Keetra Dixon

Course Types

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Interdisciplinary Fall & Spring Courses

  • Faculty taught Courses (3-6 credit, full term)

  • Grad taught Workshops (1 credit, 4 weeks)

Experimental Winter Session Courses

  • Grad taught Experimental Courses (3 credit, full term)

Pedagogy & Research

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Faculty Teaching

  • Faculty may propose courses for Fall & Spring terms

  • The Co-Works proposal process is parallel to the standard course proposal process and has the same deadlines

Graduate Student Teaching

  • Grads may propose courses for Winter Session terms

  • Grads may propose Fall & Spring workshops (1 credit)

Student & Faculty Research

  • All students and faculty may propose research projects

  • Approved research is granted priority access and training