Who is Co-Works for?

In order to receive access and reservation privileges, training and passing an authorization test is required. Co-Works courses and research projects receive priority access. See more details on our access page.

What type of work is Co-Works for?

Co-Works prioritizes interdisciplinary making research and cross-departmental collaboration. Neither a service provider nor suited for high-volume or large-scale production, instead we are best equipped to support initial stages of training, research, and experimentation. When you're ready to make multiples or scale up, we can refer you to appropriate service providers. See a list of providers and material resources here.

What are Co-Works open hours?

Hours vary each semester, but are generally 9am-11pm on Mondays through Thursdays, less on Fridays and weekends. Co-Works has reduced hours during crit weeks and is closed during school holidays and breaks. Co-Works does not currently have summer open hours.

What types of equipment and making does Co-Works have?

Co-Works includes an eclectic mix of 3D printing and digital fabrication, traditional fabrication, sewing and textiles processes, programming and electronics, virtual reality, machine learning, ceramics and more. See more details on our tools page.

How does Co-Works training work?

Training is included in Co-Works courses. Non-enrolled individuals may receive instruction from Grad Instructors via non-credit training sessions - most are introductory and assume basic software proficiency. After training, passing a short test grants access and reservation privileges. See details on our access page.

What if I just need some help with a project or software?

Co-Works offers walk-in tutoring and troubleshooting for high-demand software and processes (Rhino, Illustrator, sewing, electronics, etc). As our instructors and tutors specialize in different areas, check when the person you need is on duty by looking at our schedule.

How do you sign-up for Co-Works training sessions?

Students, staff, and faculty can sign-up for training sessions in person at Co-Works. We cannot accept sign-up online or via email. Training slots are limited and fill up fast - sign up early! See more details here.

How long do Co-Works training sessions take?

Training time varies for each piece of equipment or process. Some training requires a single one-hour session while others require multiple two-hour sessions over consecutive weeks. Come talk to us well in advance of deadlines to ensure sufficient time to train. See more details on our access page.

Are there costs to use Co-Works?

Training and use of most Co-Works equipment is free. Some equipment requires nominal fees for cost of consumables or time (e.g. 3D printing materials, laser cutting time, etc). Fees are subsidized when possible and standardized with other making spaces at RISD. See the pricing page for details.

How does Co-Works accept payment?

All students, staff, and faculty are charged the same fees via RISD Bucks. Co-Works cannot accept payment via cash or charge. In order for RISD alumni and Brown students to make payments, they need to acquire a RISD Bucks Guest Card at the RISD Store.