Training Sessions

Co-Works offers non-credit training across several making disciplines. Taught by skilled Graduate Instructors, training is free and prepares students to pass the authorization tests that grant equipment and reservation privileges.

Training is open to students, staff, and faculty from all departments, but space is limited, so check early and often - sign-ups open throughout the semester about a week prior to the start date.

See the access page for sign-up and more info.

Co-Works Training Sessions (varies by semester)

  • Laser Cutting Intro

  • UV Printing Intro

  • Vacuum Forming Intro

  • Sewing 1: Juki Sewing Intro

  • Sewing 2: Walking Foot, Serger, ActiveSeam

  • Digital Embroidery Intro

  • CNC Milling Intro: Roland MDX-40A

  • 3D Printing Intro: Stratasys + FormLabs

  • Ceramic 3D Printing Intro: Delta

  • Documentation Booth

  • Pen & Knife Plotting Intro

  • Vinyl Cutting Intro

  • Electronics: Soldering Intro

  • Electronics: Physical Computing Basics

  • Virtual Reality Intro

  • Machine Learning Intro

  • Mould Making & Casting Intro

Training Policies

Please note that Co-Works is not a service provider or departmental shop. Our non-credit offerings are contingent on remaining capacity after meeting the needs of approved courses and programs, so space is limited and we cannot accommodate jobs on demand, untrained walk-ins, or outside deadlines. Sign up for training well before need.

Be Aware

  • Sign-up is in person at Co-Works only

  • Training Sessions are offered only in Fall & Spring semesters

  • Training sessions start the third week of the semester

  • Sign-ups open about a week prior to the start date

  • Training Session vary in length and format:

    • Some require a 1 or 2-hour single meeting

    • Others require multiple 2-hour sessions over consecutive weeks

  • No-show without cancellation risks loss of privileges

  • After training, passing a short test for each piece of equipment grants access and reservations

  • Tests are taken on a walk-in basis or as part of a Co-Works course

  • See the access page for sign-up and more info.