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Co-Works is RISD's first lab dedicated to interdisciplinary making inquiry. Started in 2014, we develop experimental curricula and research initiatives as an incubator for RISD Research and the Provost’s Office.

Please Note

Co-Works is is not a service provider or all-campus shop. As our first responsibility is to our official courses and programs, open-access hours and non-credit training are contingent on remaining capacity.

We cannot accommodate jobs on demand, untrained walk-ins, or outside deadlines. Sign up for training well before need.


All Co-Works community members must follow the processes and policies listed on the access page to maintain privileges.


Orientations are given at the start of the semester as part of Co-Works courses. Alternatively, faculty and students outside of Co-Works programming are encouraged to schedule group orientations with the Co-Works Director.

Diversity & Inclusion

Co-Works champions diversity and inclusion in regards to departmental affiliation, discipline and mode of making, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, physical ability, religion, age, and all other facets of identity that inform how and what we create as artists and designers.

Our team of Instructors & Peer Tutors represent many backgrounds, identities, and RISD departments, contributing to a broad array of perspectives and skills that support an inclusive and interdisciplinary community culture.

Winter 2018-19 Hours

MonThu • 9am – 11pm
Fri • 9am – 9pm
Sat & Sun • 11am – 9pm

• Reduced crit week hours
• Closed holidays and breaks
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RISD Fletcher Building
212 Union Street
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Daniel Cavicchi



Scheri Fultineer

Associate Provost for Research|Global|Practice


Josephine Devanbu

Research Development & Grants Specialist


David Kim

Co-Works Director •


Brought on in 2014 to build Co-Works from the ground up, David serves as Director and leads the development of cross-departmental courses and interdisciplinary resources for making research at RISD.

After working as a cancer and genetics research scientist, David returned to school for Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts at UCSD and again for the Digital Media MFA at RISD. In addition to his role at Co-Works, he is a Senior Critic at Brandeis University, biomedical design consultant for the University of Michigan, and has been developing interdisciplinary art+science curricula at institutions including RISD, SVA, UCSD, and Brown for over a decade. David has also been an educational director of an art and architecture nonprofit, director of digital stage effects for a contemporary dance company, and a high school math, science, and English instructor.

David’s eclectic professional and pedagogical background supports an art practice devoted to cultivating biological, digital, and social systems as vehicles for personal catharsis, intersectional discourse, and social justice community organizing. A member of the art collective Biome Arts, David’s work and collaborations have been featured in Wired, Smithsonian, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and Art in America. As an extension of his art practice, David has also been a curator for interdisciplinary and social justice aligned exhibitions at Brown University and the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance; most recently, he has co-curated Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration exhibited at RISD and ReShape: Mutating Systems, Bodies & Perspectives at MU Gallery in Eindhoven.


Brynn Trusewicz

Co-Works Manager •


Brynn received their Masters in Industrial Design at RISD, after completing degrees in Sculpture, Mathematics, and Computer Science at SUNY Purchase. They are also a consummate maker, particularly in digital fabrication, textiles, and metalwork.

Through writings, social interactions, and adornment, Brynn's work explores the tensions between identity and appearance, especially as it relates to queer identities and the bodies that carry them. They instruct courses at RISD for various departments in digital fabrication, apparel, digital embroidery, and ornamentation as they relate to intersectional identity politics.

At Co-Works, Brynn designs teaching resources and leads the training of Grad Instructors and Peer Tutors. When they're not teaching, you can find Brynn in the beyond section of Bed Bath & Beyond, snacking on the samples and chatting with the moms.

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