Work At Co-Works

We are currently accepting applications for 2019-20!

Co-Works employs over twenty Grad Instructors and Undergraduate Peer Tutors per academic year and prioritizes having a diverse team representing many backgrounds, identities, and RISD departments. Our Graduate Instructors and Undergrad Peer Tutors contribute to a broad array of perspectives and skills to support an inclusive and interdisciplinary community culture.

Applicant Profile

A strong candidate is eager to engage with a cross-departmental community, is a proactive self-starter, and has excellent interpersonal skills. Experience in any of the following areas is also helpful:

  • 3D modeling (Rhino, SolidWorks)

  • Adobe Suite (particularly Illustrator)

  • 3D printing and CNC processes

  • Laser cutting, model making

  • Vacuum forming, mould making/casting

  • Machine sewing and apparel construction

  • Machine embroidery and knitting

  • Digital printing and UV printing

  • Electronics, physical computing, and programming

  • Virtual and augmented reality technologies

  • Traditional fine arts, woodworking, and craft techniques

However, technical expertise in most areas is not required. A strong candidate is foremost able to demonstrate exceptional communication skills and ability to engage with makers from many disciplines, cultures, and perspectives.

Undergraduate Peer Tutor

Primary responsibilities include helping students learn new making skills and software proficiencies, troubleshooting technical challenges, and sharing making knowledge across disciplines. Other duties include supervising use of Co-Works equipment, ensuring proper usage and adherence to safety protocols, assisting in classes and projects, serving as a cross-departmental liaison, general maintenance and clean-up, and assisting the Program Manager and Assistant Manager as needed.

Graduate Instructor

In addition to what is required of Peer Tutors, Graduate Instructors have a pedagogical and/or research responsibility. Graduate Instructors have the opportunity to create and instruct training sessions and courses, innovate equipment applications and cross-overs, and develop new resources and workflows for Co-Works. Research and teaching projects are individually designed in response to current needs and the strengths/trajectories of each individual. Successful projects have often led to additional academic and professional opportunities.


Application Process

Application Link

We recommend that you submit an application by early Spring 2019 to ensure full consideration for the following 2019-20 academic year.

Interviews are typically held in Spring semester for hiring in the Summer and following terms.

Interviews are occasionally held on a rolling basis if there is a need to fill a position during the school year.